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The Boondocks Firearms Training Academy™ is an all-inclusive training facility that provides a safe, controlled environment for civilians to learn how to defensively handle a firearm.  BFTA™ is ideal for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced skill levels.

Boondocks Firearms Training Academy Defensive Firearms Instruction 

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Boondocks Firearms Training Academy concealed carry training

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Attitude begins with making the conscious decision to own a firearm for protection.


Am I prepared to use my firearm to defend myself?


Am I prepared for the consequences of using my firearm?

How do I get involved with organizations that support my 2nd Amendment rights?

Ability to use your firearm
effectively requires safety, skills, and techniques.

Do I have a fear of my firearm? If so, how do I overcome it?


Do I understand how my firearm operates?


Do I have the appropriate ammunition?

"Live your daily life in colors," as suggested by Colonel Jeff Cooper in his color-coded system of awareness.
Do I understand the laws pertaining to my firearm locally and beyond

state lines?


Do I feel comfortable carrying a concealed firearm?


Am I prepared for the unexpected?

Our mission is to educate you on how to defend yourself with a firearm. empowerment begins with