Boondocks' Alumni Range Session


​​​​​​How do you become a Boondocks™ Alum?

  It’s pretty SIMPLE, all you need to do is take a class(*) at the Boondocks™ and you will then become an Alumni of our Academy. Certain classes Do Not Meet the requirements for Alumni Status - Please see below.


    1. Session cost: $20 per session (Alumni ONLY - Guests are allowed to watch, but MUST have eye and ear protection).
    2. Session attendees MUST sign in at the Pro Shop to receive shooting ticket, sign waivers,  purchase targets, etc.
    3. Items will be available for purchase if needed: Ammunition (no reloaded ammunition allowed on our ranges), eye protection, ear protection.
    4. All lanes will be assigned by the RSO on the range.
    5. Safety is PRIORITY.  You will be expected to practice the SAFETY rules – NO EXCEPTION.
    6. Instructors are available for assistance; if needed and if time permits

*Gun Rental is available for all Alumni shooters

For questions, information, or to SIGN UP for a class to become a Boondocks™­ ALUM, please contact us by calling 769-972-2382 or register online.

*The alumni range is restricted to handguns only.  Classes that Do Not meet the BFTA™ Alumni Range requirements are any half-day classes (i.e. Lethal Force Simulator or First Aid, CPR/AED), Private Instruction (2 hour minimum) Session, Defensive Shotgun- Level I, Basic AR15 Carbine, Land Navigation, Hand to Hand, Weapons of Opportunity, Youth Summer Safety Camp and Young Adults Personal Protection Course. 


 BoondocksFTA, llc™ dba Boondocks Firearms Training Academy™ 11771 Hwy 18, Raymond, MS, USA​
Contact: (769) 972-2382


Boondocks™ ALUMNI are eligible to come shoot on the range.

Shooting Sessions for Boondocks™ ALUMNI will be offered

every Saturday and Sunday (1:00 - 5:00 PM)

*Note on rare occasions our Alumni Range may be closed due to Holidays or Special Events.

Please visit our Calendar to confirm the Alumni Range is open