Simulator TrainingThe simulator is designed to expose the student to real-life scenarios, and allows the student to see how they would react should they be confronted by a threat. Multiple scenarios are presented to the student followed by an after action debriefing to discuss what they did and what they could have done differently. The students will NOT be using live ammunition during this course. SIRT Laser pistols and CO2 loaded firearms are used in the training. The objectives achieved in these exercises will allow the student to see their strengths and weaknesses.

Length: 4 Hours
Location: Boondocks FTA Lethal Force Simulator Suite
Cost: $150.00 per student (Group packages discounts are available)

Firearms Training - After completing the On Site Evaluation, Church Security Team Members could attend specially designed curriculum to help them develop the Attitude, Ability, and Awareness necessary to defend themselves and other members.  This specially designed curriculum will cover the Legal Aspects of both Individual Enhanced Carry Permit Holders and those of the Church Security Team.  In addition, it will introduce them to defensive shooting techniques and allow them to practice these skills on a live firing range. 

Length: 8 Hours
Location: Boondocks FTA
Cost: $200.00 per student (Group packages discounts are available)
Live Fire: 200 Rounds

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The # in ( ) - indicates number of seats available

Boondocks Firearms Training Academy is committed to providing your Church Security Team the most advanced training available to help you prepare for an emergency in your church.  We offer a customizable program that provides your church a plan of action which includes training your team how to respond to a variety of different threats.

Our tiered approach allows you to tailor your curriculum to meet both your budget and security needs.

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Tier Two

Tier One

Boondocks Church Security Program

ALICE Active Shooter Training Course for Churches

Churches can opt to have members attend one of the regularly scheduled ALICE training classes at our facilities in Raymond, MS or arrange for our staff to train a group onsite at your facility.

Course Length - 3-4 Hours

Cost at Boondocks™ FTA  - $100.00 per Student (price includes the online e-module)

Cost onsite at your facility - $1,000.00 for 1-6 Students (price includes online e-module)

                                        $125.00 for additional students including online e-module


Tier Four

Force on Force TrainingBoondocks staff will recreate active threat scenarios in our large Shoothouse facility using Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM).  This will allow your security team to react to different training scenarios in real time and allow them to modify their preparations and plans based on the simulated scenarios. The objectives achieved in these exercises will allow the student to see their strengths and weaknesses and help them learn to enact the plans they have developed in previous tiers.

Length:    1/2 Day or Whole Day
Location:  Boondocks Firearms Training Academy Shoothouse

Cost:        1/2 Day - $500.00 Flat Fee, Plus $150.00 per student*

                Full Day - $1,000.00 Flat Fee, Plus $250.00 per student*

               *Includes the cost of all UTM Ammunition for the student

Active Shooter Training

Church Security is more than just a dedicated team to handle Active Shooters.  The entire congregation should have the Attitude, Ability, & Awareness to respond appropriately in the case of an Active Shooter.  Our ALICE certified instructors work with your congregation through an Online and Classroom curriculum to help your Church members be better prepared. 

Tier Three

On Site Evaluation - This initial onsite evaluation allows Boondocks staff to meet with your security team and staff to evaluate your facility and help develop a plan on how respond to different types of threats including both active shooter and natural disasters. Boondocks instructors will also help develop a training curriculum for your security team.  

Length: 4 Hours (One 4 Hour Session or Two 2 Hour Sessions)
Location: Onsite
Cost $600.00