Registration closes at noon the day before the class. 
Once the form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation by email within 24 hours.
By submitting this application, the student agrees to abide by any and all safety procedures required by Boondocks FTA™.  

The student also agrees to sign a statement releasing Boondocks FTA, LLC™ from any responsibility or liability for any injury the student may sustain during the training program. 
Safety is the MOST important issue and instruction may be terminated at any time if the student is determined to be unsafe to themselves and/or other students and staff.​
If you have any questions regarding the class you have selected, please contact our Pro Shop by phone at (769) 972-2382 or email chad@boondocksfta.com

Dave Spaulding Refund Policy (found under upcoming classes)

Due to events of the past, full payment is required when enrolling. NO REFUNDS will be given without due cause 30 days prior to the scheduled course.

Please contact us for any questions or concerns regarding this policy.