Owner / Founder of Boondocks FTA™

I am a husband, a father, a papaw, a physician, and a certified NRA instructor. More importantly, I am a regular guy who is passionate about defensive firearms training. My background in firearms comes from 20+ years of competition shooting, firearms management, and extensive
formal defensive training. I also translate experiences from my professional career into my defensive training curriculum. I have received multiple disciplines of training from elite facilities including Gunsite Academy - Arizona, Shootrite Academy - Alabama, Tactical Response- Tennessee, Way of the Gun- Alabama, RangeMaster-Tennessee as well as certifications from the NRA. My goal at the BFTA™ is to bring a level of realism to gun training. I am passionate about defensive firearms training and hope to provide an all-inclusive facility where I can share this passionwith you.  My mission is to take my knowledge and skills and make a difference... one class at a time!

            Owner / Founder of Boondocks FTA™

I am a wife, a mother, a mimi, a licensed aesthetician, a certified TWAW instructor, and a certified NRA & USCCA instructor. My background in firearms comes from my formal instruction of various disciplines of firearms training including Gunsite Academy - Arizona, Tactical Response - Tennessee , Way of the Gun- Alabama, BabeswithBullets - Louisiana and carbine training at Shootrite Academy - Alabama.  I have also earned certifications from the USCCA, NRA , The Well Armed Woman and TI Outdoors. My goal at the Boondocks FTA™ is to share my knowledge of firearms training and provide an establishment for beginners, and women especially, so they too can become prepared for the unexpected. My main goal is to introduce more women to the world of firearms and defensive handling. I want your learning experience to be as impressionable as mine has been for me.  I will strive to make a difference... one class at a time!  

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 Kim Condon

​​I have a confession to make... It wasn't that many years ago that I would not even touch a gun. This immediately changed for me upon hearing the news of the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.  I knew then that we weren't living in Mayberry anymore, and I HAD to overcome my fear of guns. We have frequent movie nights with our grandchildren, and I decided at that moment that I would not allow myself to become defenseless in that type of situation.  It was my responsibility to overcome my fears and pursue my education to improve my ability to protect myself and my family. Mark has always been an avid shooter and a gun owner.  When I am with him, I feel completely safe, but he is not with me 24/7. I have to be in charge of my own safety, and now, after many classes, he can be MY wing man. <wink> I began taking classes and, after years of training and traveling, I realized that we were lacking a local, all-inclusive, female-friendly firearms training facility in Mississippi. We originally purchased the property that now houses the site of the firearms training academy as deer hunting land.  It quickly became a weekend getaway and place of refuge for us.  We were surrounded by the beauty of nature and tucked away from the beaten path, and our safe haven quickly became known as "the Boondocks™."  What better place than the Boondocks™ to share our passion for firearms with others? During dinner, I recommended that we create an academy for students and educators on the property.  Mark almost choked! "Who are you, and what have you done with my wife?" he said.  I know for myself that I gained such confidence and knowledge of firearms from the many classes I have taken all over the United States, and I hope to provide the same for you with our classes. I believe the Boondocks™ is here for the purpose of providing a safe and educational experience for someone who has made the decision to become a responsible gun owner by enhancing their skills and knowledge. I hope you leave the Boondocks™ with the feeling I had the very first time I had formal training. It is LIFE CHANGING!