All instructors at the Boondocks™ are certified through NRA, TWAW, and/or law enforcement/military.

 We are proud to provide trained and skilled staff to assist you with your firearms training. 

We take pride in our country, our instructors, and our right to bear arms!

We look forward to training with YOU! 

BoondocksFTA, llc™ dba Boondocks Firearms Training Academy™    11771 Hwy 18, Raymond, MS, United States

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 Jay Johnson- Vanleer, TN 

Kirk Kleinpeter- St. Francisville, LA

Lori Smith- Terry, MS

Ferrell Spicer- Madison, MS

Art Watts - Oxford, MS 

David Butcher -  Vanleer, TN

Darrell Carey- Jackson, MS

Jim Lowman- Florence, MS

Thad McLaurin - Ridgeland,MS

Teri Newcomb - Jackson, MS

Jamie Price - Jackson, MS

Josh Querin - Byram, MS

Miranda Blanton - Pearl,MS

 Dave Bunger - Jackson, MS

Laura Wilson- Brandon, MS

Daniel Riles - Vicksburg, MS

Jeff Williamson- Brandon, MS

Chad Winkler- Brandon, MS

Elizabeth Ronie - Clinton, MS