​​Constitutional Carry & ​MS Firearms Permit Holders


  • carry into a court house, courtroom, Law Enforcement Office or Detention Center.
  • carry into a polling place or meeting of the government.
  • carry at any school, college or Professional athletic event, except for authorized firearm-related activities.
  • Carry into an establishment or portion of an establishment licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises primarily devoted to such purpose.
  • carry inside the passenger terminal of any airport.
  • Carry in any church or place of worship, except as an authorized armed security team.
  • carry in any place prohibited by Federal Law.
  • carry where private business displays "NO FIREARMS" signage.
  • carry in parades where permits are required.​

​​​​Mississippi Concealed Carry & Enhanced Carry Information

MS Enhanced Carry - The second type is the Enhanced Endorsement to the MS Firearms Permit.  To get the Enhanced Endorsement, you must attend a formal firearms training course from an instructor certified by the MS Department of Public Safety. The Enhanced Endorsement Permit greatly reduces the limitations on where you are legally able to carry your firearm. In addition, the training classes provide you with invaluable information on Mississippi firearms laws, firearm safety, options for concealed carry firearms, different types of carry holsters, and techniques and tactics for responsible gun owners. See the below links for more information on how you can obtain your MS Firearms Permit and your MS Enhanced Endorsement.​ 

MS Concealed Carry- The State of Mississippi currently has two types of Concealed Carry Permits/CCP.  A MS firearms permit is relatively easy to obtain and requires no formal firearms training.  However, even with a permit, there are still some limitations on where you CAN NOT carry your firearm with this type of permit.  

MS Firearms Permit Information 

Mississippi Firearms Permits are issued by the MS Department of Public Safety. Those who wish to obtain a Firearms Permit can download the application from the MS Firearms Permit Unit website. Applicants must fill out the application, have it notarized and attach a recent picture.  The completed application along with the fee must be brought to the nearest permit location where applicants will be fingerprinted and have their application processed. 

​​* This is not legal advice. It is a general description of where you can and cannot carry under Mississippi state Law. Please seek the advice of qualified legal counsel. Other links on this page will provide additional information.

​​​​Open / Constitutional Carry - Mississippi has been an Open Carry state since it adopted the State Constitution in 1890. A changed to the concealed carry law in 2013 clarified the definition of "concealed" and removed any gray area interpretation of "open carry." As of April 15th, 2016, Mississippi is a "Constitutional Carry" state, meaning you are not required to obtain a permit to carry concealed in Mississippi.  There are limitations on where, and possibly how,  you can carry concealed WITHOUT a permit so be sure to read all the laws.  

MS Enhanced Firearms Permit Holders


  •  CAN NOT carry into a courtroom during judicial proceedings.
  • ​CAN NOT carry into any police, sheriff, or highway patrol station or any detention center, facility, or jail.
  • CAN NOT carry at any school, college or athletic event.​​