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By submitting this application, the student agrees to abide by any and all safety procedures required by Boondocks FTA™.  The Parent/Guardian  also agrees to sign a statement releasing Boondocks FTA, LLC™ from any responsibility or liability for any injury the student may sustain during the training program. 

Safety is the MOST important issue and instruction may be terminated at any time if the student is determined to be unsafe to themselves and/or other students and staff.​

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Young Adults Personal Protection Course

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Boondocks Firearm Training Academy's

Young Adults Personal Protection Course

A two day course designed to teach young adults how to respond to an everchanging world.  Students will learn how to incorporate situational awareness into their everyday routine, how to respond to active shooter scenarios, and engage in discussions about real life threats and life saving techniques. Students will also learn about non lethal defensive tools, and get an introduction to handgun safety and the fundamentals of shooting; including live fire exercises with both Pistol and Revolvers on the range.  Students will then get the chance to try out these new skills in Boondocks' Lethal Force Simulator 

​Course Dates: 

July 21-22 2017 / Dec 27-28 2017 / March 10-11 2018

 For Questions about our Young Adults Personal Protection course Call - 769-972-2382