Youth Firearms Safety Summer Camp - A two-day course designed for kids 12 to 16 years of age that focuses on Firearms Marksmanship and Safety. The course is taught by certified firearms instructors who regularly work with youth to teach safe gun handling techniques and the fundamentals of shooting pistols, rifles and shotguns.  Students learn the different actions and shooting positions for bench rest, prone, sitting, kneeling and standing.  

Pre-requisite - None
Course Cost - Free through the BFTA Educational Foundation  
Child Age Range - 12 to 16

Course Length - 2 Days
What to bring -
 Eye protection, ear protection (if you have it)

                          Ball cap / Sun visor

Firearms, Ammunition and Lunch is provided for all students!

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Family Firearms Safety Course  - This half-day course incorporates the entire family and teaches both parents and children how to safely include a firearm as part of a home protection plan. The class also introduces modern techniques to safely store firearms in the home, while still having quick access to them in case of an emergency.  Children also learn how to respond if they find themselves in a situation where they or their friends find a "hidden" firearm in their home, or the home of a friend.  After a short classroom session, the kids head to the range with certified firearms instructors and learn how to be safe and have fun on the range. Parents soon follow and get a chance to join their children on the range for a little family firearms fun shoot.   

Pre-requisite - None

Course Cost - Free through the BFTA Educational Foundation

​Child Age Range - About 6 to 16

Course Length - 3-4 Hours

What to bring -  Eye protection, ear protection (if you have it)

                           Ball cap / Sun visor

Firearms and Ammunition is provided for all students!

BFTA Educational Foundation 

 Youth Programs

Young Adults Personal Protection Course -  This two-day course is designed for young adults 16 years of age and up.  Students will learn how to incorporate situational awareness into their everyday routine, how to respond to active shooter scenarios, and engage in discussions about real life threats and life saving techniques. Students will also learn about non-lethal defensive tools, and get an introduction to handgun safety and the fundamentals of shooting; including live fire exercises with both pistols and revolvers on the range.  Students will then get the chance to try out these new skills in Boondocks' Lethal Force Simulator.

Pre-requisite - None
Course Cost -
FREE through the BFTA Educational Foundation
Young Adult Age Range: About 16-24

Course Length - 2 Days
What to bring -  Eye protection, ear protection (if you have it)

                           Ball cap / Sun visor

​Firearms, Ammunition and Lunch is provided for all students!

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Boonie in the News!

Boonie the Sheepdog is the adopted mascot for Boondocks Firearms Training Academy™. He, along with his trainer, provide education to kids on what they should do if they find a gun! Boonie is available for Schools, Churches, Daycares or Parties. He would love the opportunity to come visit your children and share this important message. There is no cost to have Boonie visit your organization.

Education is the KEY to keeping our children safe!